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    SFML/CSFML 'Simple and Fast Multimedia Library'

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    SFML/CSFML headers binding for the Free Pascal Compiler aka FPC http://www.djmaster.com/ French Entêtes de lien SFML/CSFML pour le compilateur F...
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    10 Sep 2016
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    1 Mo
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    Remository® 3.58 uses technologies PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript


    The following is a listing of the Pascal method responsible for ALL of the logic in my recreation...

    TRegExpr: Delphi / FreePascal(Lazarus) library for regular expressions. Regular expressions engi...

    OAuth2 is an increasingly popular authorization protocol and is used, for example, by many Google...

    QuickJS FreePascal / Delphi Bindings sync with the latest version QuickJS Headers.   French E...

    Currency rates wrappers for crypto coins and valutes The unit cryptocompare.pas: crypto currencie...

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