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Black Shark Graphics Engine


Black Shark Graphics Engine is a simple 2D and 3D engine written in Pascal for developers to produce applications utilising hardware-accelerated graphics. It supports Lazarus (v. >= 2.0) and Delphi (Community Edition 10.3, another versions haven't been tested).


It's a young, a freely available, project that currently has a vector of development in the 2D area. Beside, if you want, you can create 3D objects (see tests example TBSTestMesh, TBSTestEarth in a unit bs.test.mesh.pas). A main purpose of the project is creating the simplest entities for simple access to OpenGL API abilities within of version >= ES2.




Black Shark Graphics Engine est un simple moteur 2D et 3D écrit en Pascal pour produire des applications Oepn GL. Elle supporte Lazarus (v. >= 2.0) et Delphi (Community Edition 10.3).

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Super Utilisateur (Matthius)
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25 Dec 2021
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